Lite-Puter newest design EDX series environmental lighting control system




EDX-1212A Easy control and installation system, combined dimming and switching dual function pack at one complete unit lighting control system; EDX with dimmer control pad setting system and scenes memory data control by CPU.  Wall hanger type and only 8.8 cm of thickness, 1/3 of space for wiring work, compressed space unit, available for any kind of ambiance, such as restaurant, hotel, museum, shopping mall and residential etc.


  • 12 Channel output.

  • Standard DMX-512 signal output

  • Linear dimming curve.

  • Dimming control as console system.

  • Editing & Loading of 6 scenes.

  • Setting of the data of timing preset scenes and auto execute.

  • Fade in / Fade out setting of scenes and timing preset scenes.

  • Switching & Dimming setting of individual or all channel.

  • Warm-up setting of individual or all channels.

  • Control key Lock / Unlock setting.

  • Up to 99 set of EDX-1212 of group setting function, available in any ambiance.

  • ECP-101/102/103 etc. variety control pad connectable, individual or multiple setting control.

Power supply AC 90---240V
Output      10A Max. output per channel.
DMX signal input/ output RS-485 , DMX-512.
Transmission 250K Bits / Sec.
DMX connector 6P 4C Phonejeck , 4-PIN Connector
Dimension 470(W) x 500(H) x 88(D) mm