DX-1220 12CH x 20A
DMX Modular Dimmer Pack

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WB00955_1.GIF (255 bytes) Stage Lighting Effect
      ex.: Theater/ Concert Hall/

WB00955_1.GIF (255 bytes) Hotel Room Energy Management

WB00955_1.GIF (255 bytes) Indoor Lighting Effect
     ex.:Hotel / Conference Center/ Museum
    /Art Gallery/ Cinema/ Department store/
    Entertainment Center

WB00955_1.GIF (255 bytes) Outdoor Lighting Effect
ex.: Landmark/ Big Building


DX-1220, a digital DMX 12 channel modular dimmer pack.
This new sophisticated power pack is ideal and reliable for stage lighting, disco night club, as well as Architectural lighting.

The Lite-Puter DX-1220 is just not another ordinary power pack, but has the versatility to meet your needs plus more. The smoothest lighting effects in its class as well as it's quick maintenance makes the DX-1220 an ideal power pack.

You will be pleased with not only the ability to change a module without turning off all power, but also the ability to remove any amount of modules without removing the whole unit. The DX-1220 has a variety of functions and testing keys to help the user get maximum usage.


  • Auto detect the phase of AC power input.
  • Modular design: Easy for hardware maintenance and software upgrade.
  • Wisdom cooling control system: The dimmer will switch off automatically when over heat.
  • Power output limit: for protecting the loads.
  • Power frequency auto tracking: automatic adjustment for various power frequency to stabilize the dimming output.
  • All channels or individual channel can be set as dimming or non-dim.
  • Can select square or linear dimmer curve.
  • The terminal board design on the rear panel can be used globally.
  • Self-Testing Function.
  • Pre-heat function to protect the loads (Pre-heat level 0-6.0%).


  • Modular design: It is easy to replace, repair and change each independent module and update software in DP-5 CPU interface. It is easy to replace, repair and change each independent module and update software in DP-5 CPU interface.
  • 25A magnetic circuit breaker on each P-27.
  • Four temperature-controlled fans.: When the internal temperature is over 37, the fans start to work, the fans start to work
    1 minute and stop 1 minute in turn; over to 41
    , the fans turn continuously; over 75, all output will be stopped until the temperature goes down 70.
  • SSR : 40A/600V (75) Itrms=40A  Itsm=350A / 60HZ , 300A / 50HZ (25) According with UL 81734
Power input AC 100-240V, 45-63Hz,
1phase 2wire, 1phase 3wire, 3phase 3wire, 3phase 4wire.
Output Maximal Output is 20A each channel.
DMX signal input/ output DMX512
DMX signal connection XLR 5Pin
Analog signal input DC 0-10V
Analog signal channel 12 channels, Pin1-Pin12:Ch1-Ch12, Pin15: GND
Analog signal connection D-Type plug 15Pin(F)
Dimension 482(W) x 176(H) x 260(D) mm
Rack size 19", 4U rack mountable
Weight 20 Kg